Royal 4-Piece Steak Knife Set, Professional Quality, Stainless Steel Serrated Blade, 9 inch Full-Tang Blades, Multi-Colored Pakka Wood Handles


Steaks, chops, and chicken grilling on the barbecue – is there anything better? Your mouth waters in anticipation of cutting into those beautiful, juicy cuts of meat and you can’t wait. But when you sit down to eat, your steak knife just isn’t up to the task. A good steak knife should slice through your steak with ease, have a sturdy, well-balanced handle, and keep its edge. If your steak knives aren’t delivering these simple requirements then it’s time to replace them.

We designed our Royal steak knives to be sharp, well-balanced, durable, and stylish. Everything you want in a steak knife. The stainless steel, full-tang blades are sharp, hold their edge, and resist rust and corrosion. The rainbow-colored Pakka Wood handles are strong, durable, stable, and a beautiful addition to your dinner table. All of this adds up to a stylish set of sharp, strong steak knives that won’t let you down and you’ll be using for many years.

  • Pro-quality stainless steel serrated, full-tang blades slice through all cuts of meat easily
  • Full-tang blade provides good balance, comfortable hand fit, and durability
  • Stylish Pakka Wood handles are strong and durable, well-balanced and fits comfortably in your hand
  • Individually wrapped in gift box, great gift for weddings, house-warmings or your favorite cook
  • Hand wash recommended to keep vibrant rainbow-hued handles looking beautiful
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