Sharp Box Ceramic Serrated Chef Knife – 6 Inch


– SMOOTH AND EFFORLETLESS CUTTING – Our 6-inch, serrated, ceramic, chef knife is professional grade. The ceramic blade is ultra sharp and ideal for slicing bread and bagels.

The serrated edge glides through anything with a waxy skin such as tomatoes and apples, making it the perfect bread, tomato, and fruit knife all rolled into one. The extremely sharp blade also makes quick work of fish and meats.


  • EFFORTLESS CUTTING – Our black, 6 inch, professional grade, CERAMIC utility knife is ultra sharp. This Japanese inspired chef knife delivers smooth, high-precision chopping, mincing, slicing, and dicing. The serrated blade is no match for bread, bagels, tomatoes, fruits, and vegetables. A must have for any amateur or seasoned chef and a needed addition to any kitchen set.
  • NO SHARPENING – Our high tech ceramic blade is ground to microscopic precision by diamond wheels for a rock-like edge that is 10x sharper than stainless steel and will not dull for years. This RAZOR like edge retention means no sharpening for years to come.
  • WORRY FREE AND EASY TO CLEAN – Less exposure to germs and bacteria because ceramic is NON-POROUS and chemically stable and unlike metal blades our pure ceramic blades are rust and corrosion free. Our super sharp, ceramic knives don’t react chemically with acids, oils, salts, or juices that can change the flavor of your food like steel knives do. Wont leave your food with a metallic taste as some other knives might and cleans in seconds.
  • LESS FATIGUE – Our ceramic serrated knife weighs half that of a stainless steel knife and is extremely balanced in the hand. The ERGONOMIC HANDLE also reduces fatigue during repetitive cutting, dicing, and chopping. Less weight and better design means increased efficiency and less fatigue for you.
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – When you order our PROFESSIONAL GRADE, ceramic utility chef’s knife today you’re protected by a 60 Day, no questions asked guarantee! Our world class ceramic knife slices and dices to world class standards. See why our ultra sharp, top quality knife is a better value than Kyocera. See why our ceramic knife is the ultimate bread, tomato, and vegetable knife.


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