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Knives – The Most Important Piece of Cooking Equipment in Your Kitchen


By Maynard Harvey  When buying knives & other equipment, really consider what you need before you buy it. When you go into shops you often see comprehensive knife sets with different knives to do every job you can possibly think

Chef Knife Set – Your Best Friend in the Kitchen


By Tom Moody A good chef knife set can be a chef’s best friend in the kitchen and will vastly improve the cooking experience. All knives are manufactured as either stamped or forged. Stamped knives are generally thinner and 15-20%

Who Uses Santoku Knives and Why?


By Kim Brockman Santoku means “three virtues” in Japan where Santoku knives originate. The three virtues in this case refer to the three tasks the Santoku knife was meant to perform: slicing, dicing and mincing.

The Irreplaceable Chef’s Knife


By Peter Boston If you could only own one kitchen knife professional chefs would almost unanimously agree that your one kitchen knife should be a chef’s knife. The chef’s knife is also called a cook’s knife, and for good reason.

Become a Chef Easy – Chef’s Knives


By Cristian Ignat Being a home chef and a professional chef differs quite a lot. One thing that differentiates one from another is the type of equipment that is used throughout the food production process. While some appliances are common

Apprentice Chefs – Your Knives Are Your Responsibility


By James Fitch Learn How to Clean and Which Knives You’ll Need in Your Apprenticeship What do you need to cut, chop, shred, peel and otherwise breakdown food into bits. Now if you are starting off your apprenticeship in hospitality

Chef’s Knives – 5 Tips to Keep Them Looking Like New


By Andrew Emerson If you have invested in a new set of chef’s knives then you will most probably be looking to protect them as much as possible. Here are our top five tips to look after them and prolong

Kyocera Ceramic Knife – 5 Reasons Why to Buy the Best Ceramic Chef’s Knives


By Tony Worrell Ceramic blades are still regarded as a novelty by many, but they have some unique qualities that arguably make them among the best chef’s knives in the world. They are constructed out of zirconium oxide, which is

Cutlery Sets – Choosing The Right One


By Carol Wintergear  The first and foremost questions to ask while buying cutlery sets is what are you going to use the cutleries for, in other words what do you want in a cutlery set? There are a variety of

What Should a Good Cutlery Set Consist of?


By Tom V Powell There are a huge variety of cutlery sets currently on the market. Here are a few tips that will help you in making your decision. One of the first things that you need to take into