Kyocera Ceramic Knife – 5 Reasons Why to Buy the Best Ceramic Chef’s Knives



Ceramic blades are still regarded as a novelty by many, but they have some unique qualities that arguably make them among the best chef’s knives in the world. They are constructed out of zirconium oxide, which is nearly as hard as diamonds.

1 Sharpness Of The Ceramic Knife Blade

They are very sharp which will enable you to cut your food millimetres thick. The great advantage to a knife this sharp is that it cuts straight through any meat or vegetables and means that you will get less slippage making it a lot safer than a comparable blunter steel knife.

2 Almost Never Need Sharpening

Because the Kyocera ceramic knife is a much denser material than steel the blade will last months or years before you have to consider sharpening it.

3 Lightweight and Strong Construction Of The Kyocera Ceramic Knife

Because the knives are made from ceramic they are very noticeably lighter than a comparable steel knife, this makes it highly advantageous if you are cutting a lot as it will reduce your muscle fatigue. This makes them an invaluable tool to chefs who are using them all day.

4 No Tainting Of Your Food

Carbon steel blades can sometimes leave a metallic taste on vegetables and fruit; this is not a problem with a ceramic blade as it will not cause a chemical reaction between the blade and the food.

5 Balance And Construction Of Knife

The Kyocera ceramic knives are beautifully balanced and because the handle is bonded to the blade there will not be the problem of the handle pulling away from the blade.

All in all they are a great choice for a knife whether you are cooking at home or in a professional kitchen.

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