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Being a home chef and a professional chef differs quite a lot. One thing that differentiates one from another is the type of equipment that is used throughout the food production process. While some appliances are common to both professionals and home cooks, other tend to differ very much. It is the case of chefs knives.

These chefs knives come in a wide variety of models that have different utilities in the meal preparation process. The most important thing when it comes to chefs knives is the sharpness. They need to be sharp in order to perform well. Another important aspect is its design, as it mustn’t bruise or strain the hand of the user.

One of the most popular model of chefs knives is the Chef’s knife. It is the one that is used most in the kitchen. Try not to make the blade dull and use a cutting board every time you use this knife. Also, the way in which you cut products with it can help maintain the sharpness of the blade. You should use the whole blade by cutting using a rocking motion.

Another very useful knife is the paring knife. Among the many chefs knives, the paring knife is used to trim the food, to make various garnishes and also to peel vegetables.

Kitchen-Knives2With the aid of the boning knife, a chef can easily remove the meat from the bone. This knife is useful for cutting meat into portions, that can either be cooked right away or stored for later use. Also for meat cutting purposes, a chef can use the slicer o carver knife. It can cut any type of meat into straight and even slices.

Among the many types of chefs knives, a useful one is the all purpose knife, also known as the utility or sandwich knife. Its dimensions place the utility knife between the carver knife and a paring knife, as it is smaller than the first and a bit larger than the latter. It can be put to use whenever some trimming or chopping is needed.

Knowing what knife is suitable for each task will certainly make your job easier. As a chef, you need to know exactly the purpose of each knife. After learning the basics regarding chefs knives, it is quite possible that the knowledge will cast a different light on your kitchen knives.

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