Professional Knife Sharpener Restores Dull Blades Quickly-Best for Kitchen Knives-100% Guarantee


ZestyChef’s new sleek & compact knife sharpener – The SharpGenie – will hone any straight edged dull blade in your kitchen to a samurai-sharp finish in no time at all. SharpGenie is guaranteed to keep your trusty old favourites razor sharp and pristinely honed.

The Right Choice

Unlike many other sharpeners on the market with awkward grips or small handles, the SharpGenie has a large, ergonomically designed handle that allows you to effortlessly hold the knife sharpener steady during the sharpening process as well as a rubber non-slip base grip that works on any kitchen surface. Whereas the majority of sharpeners leave too much room for error and imprecise sharpening, SharpGenie guides the knife through at precisely the right angle to ensure maximum sharpness with every stroke removing guesswork & eliminates the risk of slicing up your counter top, or even yourself.


  • SHARP AS NEW: Regardless of how old or dull a knife is, SharpGenie effortlessly restores blades to sharp-as-new quality in under 60 seconds.
  • ERGONOMIC, STYLISH DESIGN WITH NON-SLIP BASE AND SOFT GRIP HANDLE FOR SAFETY: The SharpGenie has been ergonomically designed with comfort, control and maximum efficacy as its signature functions. The cleverly designed soft grip handle is rubberised ensuring a firm, safe and comfortable grip regardless of the size of your hands. The non-slip base guarantees safer sharpening on even the most slippery of kitchen counter surfaces.
  • DYNAMIC DUAL STAGE SHARPENING MODES: The coarse tungsten sharpening slot masterfully brings a blunt blade to a fine, professional edge in seconds. The fine ceramic slot breathes new life and lustre into blades hammered by every day wear and tear, returning them to ‘good as new’ condition.
  • A GREAT GIFT: Beautifully packaged, top quality, handy, versatile and affordable – the SharpGenie is as much at home on the kitchen counter as it is in the tackle box or garage. A great gift that is guaranteed to get used, suitable for all occasions – Birthdays, Christmas, Wedding gifts and more.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Grab your dullest knife from your kitchen drawer and run it through SharpGenie as instructed – if it isn’t returned to a sharper finish we will fully refund you your money. (Note! SharpGenie is NOT designed for sharpening serrated blades or scissors, and is not suitable for ceramic knives)


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