Rapala Heavy Duty Electric Fillet Knife, Grey/Black


Cut faster and easier with the Rapala Heavy-duty Electric Fillet Knife. Even cuts right through rib bones and backbones! With 2X the speed and 3X the power of standard electric knives, this Electric Knife gives you incredible control even when filleting the biggest of fish. And with a comfortable grip, long cord and quiet motor that stays cool, this Electric Knife has everything you’d want to make cutting your fish easy on you. A real cut-up: Dishwasher-safe 7 1/2″l. blade; Custom air-flow design dampens noise and cools motor; Comfortable, relaxed grip; 8′ power cord for ample reach; 110V. This knife takes the time and hassle out of filleting. Order today! WARNING: Shipping restrictions apply to the product(s) above under some jurisdictions. Known Age, State and Local shipping restrictions are applied at Checkout and may result in changes to an order. Rapala Heavy-duty Electric Fillet Knife.


  • Heavy Duty Motor
  • 7 1/2″ dishwasher safe reciprocating blades
  • Twice the speed and three times the power of standard electric fillet knives
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